A young black woman works on her laptop outside representing a young professional who could benefit from Trauma Training in Baltimore, MD.

I love training as a trauma-informed mind-body-trained consultant, trainer, and presenter. I’m not just saying that because it’s me. As a social worker, to maintain my social work license, I have to complete continuing education credits. To obtain these credits I attend trainings and presentations year around. As a social worker providing therapy services, I also consult with other professionals. In doing so, I’ve realized that every professional brings something unique to consulting, training, and presenting services. This “something” is themselves and their unique perspective.

My Unique Perspective

As a trauma-trained mental health professional, my view of individual, communal, organizational, and systemic concerns is rooted in trauma. By this, I mean that I am naturally curious about the impact of harmful or hurtful experiences within individual, communal, and organizational systems. I am also curious about how trauma is explained and potentially misunderstood in individual and social interactions. Fight, flight, freeze, and fawn trauma responses occur in every workplace. My perspective includes a focus on the triggers and healing of these responses.

The Physiology of the Stress Response

As a mind-body medicine trained professional, my perspective extends into the physiology of the stress response. In other words, I’m often curious about how traumatic experiences are impacting processes within the human body. These processes include mental, emotional, spiritual, and physiological impacts. Most often, we don’t walk around saying “I’m having a stress response and now I have a headache”. We instead notice we have a headache and may not always be curious about facts contributing to the headache.

I combine these two perspectives to identify potential triggers, acknowledge the real-life manifestation of stress responses, and offer implementable interventions. I believe strongly in the law of self-recovery which suggests that we human body is capable of healing itself. Therefore, many of the interventions I provide include ideas for each person across the lifespan.

A group of women work with a Trauma-Informed Consultant to gain a better understanding of Trauma Training in Baltimore, MD.

A Trauma-Informed Mind-Body Approach for Professionals

Oftentimes, it is assumed that a trauma-informed mind-body approach mostly applies to mental health professionals. While mental health professionals are certainly leaders in using these skills, they aren’t the only ones who can benefit. A trauma-informed mind-body approach involves paying mindful attention to internal and external processes and using skills to decrease unwanted effects and improve health outcomes. We are all human beings living in this world, which means, that we are all exposed to stressors and triggers. Additionally, we all can benefit from understanding them more and having more tools to improve how we navigate this world.

R.I.S.E Works With a Wide Variety of People

We work with victim service professionals interested in creating safe spaces for survivors.  We provide services to attorneys interested in incorporating a trauma-informed anti-oppressive approach to legal services. At RISE, our work also includes working with medical professionals interested in deepening their understanding of somatic and psychological concerns.

Why You Need A Trauma-Informed Mind-Body Trained Consultant, Trainer, and Presenter

Our minds and bodies are connected. Trauma responses change the way our body communicates with our inner and external environment at any given moment. But, we all have the power to understand this connection and work together to address any unintended outcomes. This applies across cultures, across agencies, and across professions.

A Real Approach Leads to Real Outcomes

With our services, you can expect solid outcomes. Including:

  • Lasting Motivation and Empowerment
  • Practical Skills for Clinical Intervention
  • Implementable Trauma-Informed Approaches
  • Effective Mind-Body Medicine Skills

A young business professional is excited representing someone who has benefited from Trauma Training by a Trauma-Informed Consultant in Baltimore, MD.

Are you seeking transformative and trauma-informed solutions to improve wellness, promote cultural sensitivity, and honor spirituality?

At RISE, we offer a comprehensive ability to work with a Trauma-Informed Consultant, Trauma Training, and Trauma-Informed Presenting Services rooted in trauma-informed care and mind-body medicine. Our unique approach centers on the mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and physiological aspects of the human experience. We believe in honoring authenticity and the complexity of identity, paving the way for personal and organizational growth.

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Other Services at Revitalizing Inner Self Essence

At my Baltimore-area counseling center, I work with women who are survivors. My clients have experienced heartbreak in the form of losing a loved one to homicide as well as other traumatic experiences. In addition, I work with women in therapy for domestic violence survivors. It is a great honor for me to work with women in this space. And, as a Black queer therapist in Baltimore, I understand the many identities that each individual brings to the table. Your unique needs and identities will be seen and understood when you work with me for trauma therapy or EMDR therapy. And, we’ll work on implementing Mind-Body Medicine practices, too. To learn more about me and my approach to therapy, please read my blog posts.