A close up of a note on a corkboard that says time to say goodbye. Learn how a holistic therapist in Pikesville, MD can offer support with finding the next steps after therapy. Learn more about holistic healing in Baltimore, MD or how clinical supervision in Maryland can help.

2024 is a year of transition at Revitalizing Inner Self Essence, as this marks the first time we’ve paused therapy services. It is an absolute joy to hold space for our clients, and in efforts to continually do so, services are pausing in the short term for expansion in the long term. With this shift, many thoughts, feelings, and conversations have stirred about the “right” time to end or pause therapy. Therapy can be a transformative experience. So, how do you know when it’s time to take a break from therapy or even end it altogether?

A woman holds a notepad while writing something down across from a teen. Learn how a holistic therapist in Pikesville, MD can offer support with what comes after therapy. Search for whole body healing in Baltimore, MD and other coping techniques by contacting a black therapist in Maryland. This decision is a personal one, and there’s no single right answer. While there’s no cookie-cutter answer to know when the time is “right,” two things are true: your higher self always knows what is best for you, and there are some general signs that can indicate you might be nearing the finish line of your therapeutic journey.

General Signs You Might Be Ready to End Therapy

Reaching Your Goals: A Shared Victory

One of the most significant indicators of readiness is achieving the goals you set at the beginning of therapy. These goals could be anything from managing anxiety to improving communication skills or navigating a difficult life transition. Discussing your progress with your therapist can help assess if you’ve reached a place of stability and are effectively utilizing the tools you’ve learned. Reflecting on symptoms and your ability to consistently cope with them is another sign that you’re implementing what you’ve learned.

Feeling Empowered: You’re in Control

Therapy equips you with valuable skills and strategies. At RISE, clients receive a variety of mind-body skills and tools based on their unique symptoms. As you progress, you’ll likely notice a shift towards self-reliance. You’ll find yourself confidently applying these tools in everyday situations, feeling less dependent on your therapist’s guidance. This sense of empowerment is a great sign that you’re well on your way to managing your challenges independently. You begin to realize that you’re getting through things that at one point felt hard to get through, go you.

Life Feels Lighter: A Positive Shift

Therapy often begins with understanding, exploring, and learning to cope with difficult emotions and situations. As you work through them, you’ll likely experience an overall improvement in your well-being. Feeling calmer, more optimistic, and in control of your emotions are positive indicators. You might also find yourself engaging more in activities you previously enjoyed or struggling with. Maybe you feel like your old self again or maybe there’s a new self that feels more authentic and capable.

Conversations Flowing Freely: Less to Discuss

A black man gestures with his hands while talking to a woman with a notepad writing notes. Learn how a black therapist in Maryland can offer support with mental health concerns by searching for a clinical supervisor in Maryland. Search for holistic healing in Baltimore, MD and other services today.At RISE, because we specialize in trauma we often begin sessions with a weekly frequency. Over time, as symptoms improve therapy sessions can become less frequent as you progress. While there may always be things to explore, you might find yourself struggling to fill the session time or experiencing longer stretches between appointments. This doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of progress; it could indicate you’ve effectively addressed your most pressing concerns. You might also find that you missed a session and you coped well without therapy.

Ending Therapy as Mindset Shift

Often times there is hesitation to end therapy for various reasons. These reasons might be:

Fear of Relapse: Clients may worry that their progress is fragile and they will regress back to old behaviors once therapy ends.

Loss of Support: Therapy can provide a safe space and a supportive relationship. Clients may feel anxious about losing this source of support.

Attachment to Therapist: Clients who have relied heavily on their therapist for guidance may feel apprehensive about navigating challenges independently.

Uncomfortable Emotions with a Planned Ending: Ending therapy can stir up a mix of emotions, including sadness, gratitude, and anxiety. Clients may resist the process to avoid these emotions.

Ending Therapy Doesn’t Mean the End

A man smiles while shaking the hand of a person sitting across from them with a clipboard. Learn how a black therapist in Maryland can help you in addressing mental health after the therapy process. They can offer support with holistic healing in Baltimore, MD and whole body healing. As a Black, queer, woman I understand how hard it is to find someone that you feel understands you and creates a safe place. At RISE, quality, genuine, and reliable care is of the utmost importance, but we do not hold the belief that your healing begins or ends with your therapist. We believe that therapists are conduits and that clients possess the ability to heal independently. We strive to help revitalize this natural ability.

Learn More From a Holistic Therapist in Pikesville, MD

Ending therapy also doesn’t mean ending your work. You can always return to therapy in the future if you face new challenges or simply need a refresher on the skills you learned. Consider this a pause button, not a full stop. Ultimately, ending therapy is a positive step. It signifies growth, resilience, and the ability to navigate life’s complexities with confidence. By recognizing the signs and openly communicating with your therapist, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition toward a brighter future. You can learn more about the therapy process with RISE by following these simple steps:

  1. Contact me with questions about therapy.
  2. You’ll meet with me, Christina.
  3. Continue your healing journey.

Other Services at Revitalizing Inner Self Essence in Baltimore, MD

This year of transition is a great time to share other services at Revitalizing Inner Self-Essence. At RISE, I am happy to offer clinical supervision in Maryland. Also, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with agencies and individuals using consulting, training, and presenting services. I specialize in combining trauma-informed interventions with mind-body interventions. Along with Mind-Body Medicine, I am trained in EMDR,. Pranic Healing, Sound Healing, and learning Somatic Experiencing tools. If you are interested in getting to know more about consulting, training, and presenting services, fill out our contact form.