Hey there. It’s 2020! Can you believe it?

A New Year symbolizes so many things such as the beauty of beginning again. But! I have to talk about something….A New Year also comes with constant discussion about change.  There’s discounts on gym memberships, sales (on all the clothes you’ve been imagining in your closest), more sponsored ads about new diet plans, and I can’t forget the recurrent talk about New Year’s resolutions.  I’m all about change. Change is beautiful. Remember, I am a clinical social worker! But, I am not here for the pressure to force change. There’s so much shame underneath these messages that tells people to rush to morph into some “new” version of themselves.

Guess what? You’re perfect the way you are! IF you want to improve then that’s great! Do it for you and at your own pace. Unpopular Opinion: Forget the fad trend of “change”.

Wondering how to decide if something needs to change?

Here’s 1 major way to decide if the change needs to happen. Ask yourself:

-Does this have an undesired effect on my life?