Wait, this is not just another COVID-19 post. BUT can we acknowledge how much COVID-19 has changed life as we know it? *Ah, Deep breath*

One thing I think we all could agree on right now is that our routines look completely different. If you’re reading this like, uh yeah, what routine Christina? I feel ya. In reality our routines keep us busy. Routines keep us constantly focused on the next task at hand as well that awesome dopamine hit we receive once we complete the task.You know that tingling feeling of accomplishment you experience when you wash, fold, dry and store all the loads of laundry? Yep, that’s a dopamine hit.

You know what else routines do? They help us think of things other than our hardships, heartbreaks, sadness, grief and trauma.

Staying at home, working from home or being furloughed can change this drastically. You are no longer focused on your errands, work reports, or deadlines. It’s just you, your kitchen, your home, your kid (s), your spouse and your feelings. Yes, your feelings. Managing your feelings right now can feel overwhelmingly scary and emotionally confusing. And the scariness and confusion make perfect sense! You’re so used to pushing through no matter what and now this free time is raising emotions that you would otherwise get put aside.

Listen you’re not crazy and you’re not bad person. You’re a thinking and feeling human being!

If you this sounds like you and you’re looking for a listening ear to help you navigate through this time, contact RISE today at (410)-929-6632. I understand. I am here. I care.