maintaining emotional safety this holiday season

How to Maintain Emotional Safety this Holiday Season

The holidays can be a beautiful time for many. But, this post is for the folks that are singing Dej Loaf- Try Me in their head while swapping family time for alone time.

While others are communing with their families, creating new memories traditions, or Christmas shopping, others are grieving as they struggle to maintain their emotional safety. When you combine this year with the heaviness of the holiday season, I think we all would agree that 2020 can just go ahead and be over. Trying to manage your emotional safety can feel impossible right now. I get this but, I want you to know there’s hope. You’ve been getting through every single day and you will continue doing so.

3 ways to maintain your emotional safety (right now)

maintaining emotional safety this holiday season

  1. Check Your Internal Temperature– Pretend that you’re mind is a thermometer. Scan your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Ask yourself if you’re feeling tension? Ask yourself if you’re feeling your heart raise or your body sweat. Just notice what is happening in your body. As you notice, take some deep breaths with slow inhales and long exhales.
  2. Prioritize your Peace– Whatever keeps you sane, do it. If you need to listen to music, skip the family dinner, ignore phone calls, or start trauma therapy then do it. Think of your boundaries, set them, and then enforce them.
  3. Say NO (loudly)– I don’t have any fancy jargon for this one. If it doesn’t feel good, say no to it. Literally, say the word no. This includes toxicity, drama, arguments, unhealthy conversations, hurtful people, and putting yourself last.

When you’re used to being everyone else’s rock, it can feel selfish to do anything for you. You know what? It is selfish and it should be. Because being selfish just means it’s about you and maintaining your emotional safety is all about you. Contact us today to begin using therapy to help you on this journey.