I am still in shock that I am writing  a POST on  MY WEBSITE for MY PRACTICE. It still feels surreal!

A few have asked, why start a private practice?  My answer is, why NOT?

A private practice allows the owner to have complete control over creative expression while also managing a business. What I found in other positions was this: the money the business made was more important than how the services made the clients feel. If I am being honest, that just did not sit right with me.  Let’s face it, no one wants to pay a dime to be dissatisfied.

As a trauma trained clinician, I value how a service makes a person feel. With that being said, I created Revitalizing Inner Self Essence LLC also known as R.I.S.E.  Revitalizing Inner Self Essence is my dream come true. That dream is: a mental health/ wellness provider that truly meets client’s where they are on their journey to healing.

If you’re reading this, thank you for dreaming with me.

Welcome to R.I.S.E’s Not-So- Secret Diary!