Consulting, Training, and Presenting Services

Consulting, Training, and Presenting Services

Revitalizing Inner Self Essence provides trauma-informed integrative training and consultation services. We utilize decolonial and mind-body medicine frameworks to provide services that improve wellness, welcome differences, honor spirituality, and promote cultural sensitivity. 

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Origin of Trauma Consulting, Trauma Training, and Trauma-Informed Presenting Services

As a clinical social worker, I’ve always been a curious soul. Early in my career, I began to ask deeper questions about several things impacting individuals, organizations, and the world. It felt like I picked up a shovel and kept digging until I hit the bottom, repeatedly. You see, I didn’t like reading several books, attending training, and reading countless research articles to get real answers. I also didn’t like that at the end of training I rarely walked away with tangible or applicable interventions for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. These experiences marked the beginning of Revitalizing Inner Self Essence, providing consulting, training, and presenting services. I decided that since I couldn’t find the space, I would create the space. 

Why RISE is Different

At Revitalizing Inner Self Essence, we provide services combining trauma-informed care with mind-body medicine. In doing so, we center the full human experience on the following levels: mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and physiological. We also center on authenticity and the complexity of identity. Our goal is to help people and organizations expand and evolve. We strongly believe this occurs when we honor who we are and how we’ve gotten to this current state and strive to reach higher heights. 

The Impact of External Environments

At RISE, we understand the human experience is not only about your inner environment but also your external environment. Because of this understanding, we customize our work based on various settings and employment dynamics. The world is unique, as are your lived experiences; therefore, we customize our work to meet individuals, communities, and organizations’ unique needs. We want each person, organization, and community to thrive to their maximum capability. We will help you maximize and optimize your capabilities using trauma-informed and mind-body approaches. 

Trauma-Informed Consultation Services for Professionals

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As professionals, we often seek opportunities to expand our knowledge and improve our professional services. I know that improvement and doing great work are important to you. When you’re passionate about your work, you welcome opportunities to expand and evolve. Consultation services make expansion possible by allowing an opportunity for you to sharpen. Consultation allows for a one-on-one experience with an expert in an area to receive personalized recommendations. At Revitalizing Inner Self Essence, we provide consultation on the following: applying trauma-informed skills, incorporating integrative approaches in psychotherapy, utilizing mind-body skills, servicing domestic violence survivors, servicing homicide survivors, adopting a trauma-informed approach, and privacy and confidentiality.

Our Work Creating Trauma-Informed Professionals

At RISE, we enjoy helping medical professionals such as medical doctors incorporate mind-body and trauma-informed skills into their medical practice. We value helping attorneys recognize trauma-related triggers, learn trauma-informed approaches, and utilize mind-body interventions. 

At RISE, we savor each opportunity to help mental health professionals understand the human experience from a physiological perspective that makes sense. We take the scientific terms and explain them in feeling terms to provide implementable interventions for immediate use by mental health professionals. 

Our work also extends to an array of victim services professionals. RISE founder, Christina, values this work so much that for years she’s been an associate trainer for the Danu Center for Strategic Advocacy where she partners with an attorney to provide trauma-informed training to victim service professionals across the U.S. 

Trauma Training and Trauma-Informed Presenting Services

At Revitalizing Inner Self Essence, we bring our core values into the training and presenting services we provide. These core values include knowledge, truth, authenticity, cultural empathy, diversity, and equity. We also utilize frameworks that are anti-racist, decolonial, and guided by the law of self-recovery to promote empowerment and foster healing for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. In doing so, we incorporate research, theory, and relationships-life experiences to deliver training and presentation services that are intriguing and relatable, with implementable interventions. 

Training Topics Include

  • Mental Health/ Wellness
  • Trauma
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Mind-Body Medicine 
  • LGBTQIA+ Care
  • Coping Skill development
  • Practical Self Care
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Harm
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Impact of Systems on Self-development
  • Domestic Violence
  • Homicide
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Confidentiality/ Ethics

A word from the Founder of Revitalizing Inner Self Essence

As a Black queer trauma therapist in Baltimore, I understand the importance of creating a safe space. Consulting, Training, and Presenting services must foster a safe space for learning to occur. When our defenses are down, we are open to receiving new information, and our creativity piques to help us implement this information. This is true for all professionals, from medical doctors to mental health professionals. Consulting, Training, and Presenting services at Revitalizing Inner Self Essence are right for any physician looking to bridge the gap between what’s happening physically, mentally, and emotionally. Consulting, Training, and Presenting services are also right for any attorney looking to shift from telling clients the law to understanding a client’s story and then exploring how the law can help them meet their needs. For any mental health professional tired of answering deep questions independently, RISE is here to help. 

Christina, the founder of RISE offers trauma informed Consulting Services, Training Services, and Presenting Services in Baltimore, MD

Are you seeking transformative and trauma-informed solutions to improve wellness, promote cultural sensitivity, and honor spirituality?

At RISE, we offer comprehensive consulting, training, and presenting services rooted in trauma-informed care and mind-body medicine. Our unique approach centers on the mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and physiological aspects of the human experience. We believe in honoring authenticity and the complexity of identity, paving the way for personal and organizational growth.

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Other Services at Revitalizing Inner Self Essence

At my Baltimore-area counseling center, I work with women who are survivors. My clients have experienced heartbreak in the form of losing a loved one to homicide as well as other traumatic experiences. In addition, I work with women in therapy for domestic violence survivors. It is a great honor for me to work with women in this space. And, as a Black queer therapist in Baltimore, I understand the many identities that each individual brings to the table. Your unique needs and identities will be seen and understood when you work with me for trauma therapy or EMDR therapy. And, we’ll work on implementing Mind-Body Medicine practices, too. To learn more about me and my approach to therapy, please read my blog posts.