Clinical Supervision in Maryland

Clinical Supervision for Licensed Social Worker's in Maryland

Supervision is about more than just getting your hours.

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Clinical supervision is an important aspect of social work practice. The supervision you receive today shapes your future approach as a social worker. As a Licensed Master's Social Worker, it is important that you don't pick a supervisor to just "get your hours." I know that the struggle is real when you're deciding between free supervision and paid supervision. However, it's important that you select a clinical supervisor whose approach aligns with yours. This means both your professional goals and personal morals. When you opt for free supervision, it's not guaranteed that you'll have a supervisor that both gets you and guides you.

Christina's Clinical Supervision Experience

When I was a recent graduate, I picked a job that provided free supervision. I thought that any supervisor would be able to help me become a great social worker. Two years into my career, I realized that I was wrong. I was studying for my clinical exam when I realized that important things were missing from my supervision experience. Really important things like the Code of Ethics, COMAR regulations, and clinical issues.

Up until then, supervision was only about checking boxes for me. But then, I thought to myself "what is the purpose of clinical supervision if it doesn't teach me, help me grow, and prepare me for the next level of my career?" It was at this exact moment, that I vowed to provide healing leadership as a future clinical supervisor.

Clinical Supervision at R.I.S.E.

At R.I.S.E,  clinical supervision for Licensed Master's Social Workers means providing healing leadership that helps you grow. For this reason, we only work with Master's Level Social Workers interested in mentorship as well as supervision.  Additionally, we work with Licensed Clinical Social Workers interested in enhancing their clinical skills. Furthermore, we provide supervision to those that want to practice trauma-informed care. When you begin working with us, we ask that you have some knowledge of trauma-informed care and practices.

Supervision Style

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At R.I.S.E, clinical supervision is rooted in an understanding that while you are a professional, you are also human. So, supervision topics include discussions about racism, oppression, self-care, counter-transference, triggers, trauma, and cultural implications.

Our bottom line is this: Who you are as a person impacts how you perceive the world, how you perceive others, and your approach as a social worker. It's imperative that we discuss how personal matters may impact your professional style.

Y'all I am tired of systems pathologizing Black women for wanting to help or white-washing our culture based on clinical assessments. Not today and not at R.I.S.E. At our Pikesville, MD-based practice, we do not judge, shame, or blame.

Supervision is not therapy. However, you too are a "person in your environment" and it's time that clinical supervision honors your uniqueness. This is a place where you can ask hard questions, fall and get back up, and explore your curiosity. Supervision at R.I.S.E. is your safe space for growth.

What You Can Expect During Supervision

  • Completion of supervision contracts
  • Increased understanding and use of the NASW Code of Ethics
  • Reference to MD COMAR regulations
  • Addressing the following areas of social work: Clinical, Educational, Supportive, and Administrative
  • Integrative suggestions for interventions
  • Growth
  • Real-life conversations


At Revitalizing Inner Self Essence, we are very intentional about who we serve. Our calling is clear and we are dedicated to answering our calling. Interested individuals must meet the following requirements

  1. Training in Trauma-Informed Care.
  2. Current or past utilization of holistic or  integrative skills.
  3. Dedication to embodying a trauma-informed, non-oppressive, and liberatory mind-body approach.
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At R.I.S.E, providing clinical supervision is one of the ways we "pay it forward." As a Master's Level Social Worker, you deserve ethical direction aimed to help you grow. Furthermore, at R.I.S.E, your growth is the most important factor. We view supervision as a form of mentorship because we know that none of us can do this work alone. With R.I.S.E, you won't ever have to wonder if you're on the right track.

Organizations Seeking Supervision

Here at R.I.S.E, we are happy to partner with organizations interested in obtaining clinical supervision for Licensed Master's Social Workers. In providing supervision for external agencies, we primarily focus on clinical concerns, ethical concerns, COMAR compliance, and growth. We do not provide administrative oversight.

Supervision Rates

  • Individual Supervision $75 /60 mins
  • Group Supervision $45 per participant/60 mins

Get Started with Clinical Supervision in Maryland

I know you're ready. So don't keep waiting. Here at our Pikesville, MD-based therapy practice, you can find the support to reach your dreams. If you're ready to begin clinical supervision in Maryland, follow the steps below.

  1. Reach out to me by filling out the contact form.
  2. Connect with Christina to discuss the next steps for beginning supervision.
  3. Start meeting your professional goals and moving toward becoming an LCSW!

Other Services at R.I.S.E. in Pikesville, MD

The focus of our therapy practice located in Pikesville, MD is to help women heal from trauma. We specialize in therapy for domestic violence survivors and therapy for homicide survivors. To help clients heal, we use Mind-Body Medicine and EMDR therapy. This work is challenging. But it is so powerful to see women overcome obstacles, rise, and thrive. Please contact me if you have questions about any of our services.