If you’ve been on this site before you may have noticed a drastic difference. The layout is different and the content has completely changed. This was done intentionally.

I had to have some real conversations with myself about what fuels my heart work. In doing so, I woke up one day looked at my site and said: this does not reflect myself or my vision for my practice. So, I went back to the drawing board. Out of this birthed a practice focused on women’s healing in a real way. One that is not powered by control, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, social norms, prejudice, or racism. As women, we are already a marginalized group and for some, the intersectionality of our identities makes us even more marginalized. I decided that this passion for women’s healing would reflect in my mission, vision, collaboration, psychotherapy, and wellness services

I think as women we each can resonate with a time in our life where we were sure that we were on the right track about something and life said: uh actually, no you’re not. Life isn’t always nice about these revelations nor does it ever come at the most convenient time. But, there’s beauty in this if we choose to see it not as a setback but as a blank canvas for creating. I am talking about your resiliency. As women, we all have this innate fire within us that no one or nothing can take away. Yes, it can feel scary to begin again in any facet but, in the words of Susan Jeffers “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Ask yourself: Has the unknown ever let you down?

Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash