Meet Christina

Hi. I’m Christina, I am a trauma therapist and am the Owner and Founder of Revitalizing Inner Self Essence LLC. My pronouns are: she, her, and hers. I work with women who have experienced domestic violence or the murder of a loved one. My definition of women includes not only cis women but also trans women and all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am passionate about helping all women heal and am especially passionate about the healing of Black women and women of color. I  stand firm in creating a safe, trauma-informed space for healing. I am an avid book reader, nature lover, and an amateur yogi.

Before opening Revitalizing Inner Self Essence, I held various supervisory and non-supervisory roles. One of them changed the trajectory of my career. Two years into my career as a child welfare social worker I decided to make a change. I became a domestic violence advocate. This job was perfect for me; I loved going to work and working with such brave women. I got up close and personal with how trauma impacts women. I worked with women in many facets: attempted murder, grief from homicide, self-love, redefining family, redefining love, navigating systems, and dismantling stigmas. My biggest pet peeve was that the work was tons of: tell me all about you, here are resources and here’s a referral for therapy. One day, I realized that I really wanted to deepen my work with these women by becoming a therapist. I love how therapy provides the time and space to pace your healing.

I was done with short-term, field-based work. I was also done referring clients to therapists who weren’t willing to work with all parts of them from a person-centered perspective. I love working with women in a non-judgemental way to help them rediscover their power. We are born with it and sometimes it gets lost as we navigate through life. 

I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I received my BSW from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I received my MSW from University of Maryland School of Social Work. I am an associate trainer for the Danu Center for Strategic Advocacy and am a Director of Social Work at a health center. I am honored to help such brave, resilient, and determined women heal, rediscover their power, and re-design their life in their vision. 


  • Licensed Certified Social Worker Clinical
  • Board Approved Social Work Supersivor
  • Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Supervisor
  • Advanced Trauma Treatment
  • Roper Victim Assistance Academy
  • Internal Family Systems