About Christina

Who I am, How I Identify + My Passion for Therapy

Hi. I’m Christina, I am an integrative trauma therapist and am the Owner and Founder of Revitalizing Inner Self Essence LLC. My pronouns are: she, her, and hers. I work with women are survivors of domestic violence or homicide to help them rediscover the light within and use to re-story their life. As a Black, queer, woman my hearts focus is creating liberatory and transformative healing spaces for Black women and women of color. To be clear, my definition of women includes not only cis women but also trans women and all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am passionate about helping all women heal and am especially passionate about the healing of Black women. I stand firm in creating a safe, trauma-informed, liberatory space for holistic healing.

My Journey to Becoming a Trauma Therapist

Before opening Revitalizing Inner Self Essence, I held various supervisory and non-supervisory roles. One of them changed the trajectory of my career. Two years into my career as a child welfare social worker I decided to make a change. I became a domestic violence advocate. This job was perfect for me; I loved going to work and working with such brave women. I got up close and personal with how trauma impacts women. I worked with women in many facets: attempted murder, grief from homicide, self-love, redefining family, redefining love, navigating systems, and dismantling stigmas. My biggest pet peeve was that the work was tons of: tell me all about you, here are resources and here’s a referral for therapy. One day, I realized that I really wanted to deepen my work with these women by becoming a therapist. I love how therapy provides the time and space to pace your healing.

I was done with short-term, field-based work. I was also done referring clients to therapists who weren’t willing to work with all parts of them from a person-centered perspective. I love working with women in a non-judgmental way to help them rediscover their power. We are born with it and sometimes it gets lost as we navigate through sexism, racism, patriarchy, oppression and heteronormativity. 

Education + Current Employment Affiliations

I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I received my BSW from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I received my MSW from University of Maryland School of Social Work. I am a current Doctoral student and am pursing a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine. I am an associate trainer for the Danu Center for Strategic Advocacy and am a Behavioral Health Manager in the Center for LGBTQ Health Equity. I am honored to help such brave, resilient, and determined women heal, rediscover their power, and re-design their life in their vision. 

Professional Training


  • Licensed Certified Social Worker Clinical- Maryland
  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker- Washington, DC.
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Virginia
  • Board Approved Social Work Supervisor-Maryland
  • Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Supervisor-Maryland
  • Advanced Trauma Treatment- The Ferentz Institute
  • Victim Assistant Specialist-Roper Victim Assistance Academy

Notable Training:

  • Advanced Trauma Treatment Level 1-  The Ferentz Institute
  • Advanced Trauma Treatment Level 2 -  The Ferentz Institute
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)- Rivers Edge Institute
  • Internal Family Systems- Frank Anderson
  • Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine- Center for Mind-Body Medicine
  •  Advanced Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine- Center for Mind-Body Medicine
  • Decolonizing Therapy for Black Folk- Kindred Wellness
  • Basic Pranic Healing Level 1 - Institute for Inner Studies
  • Advanced Pranic Healing Level 2 - Institute for Inner Studies
  • Pranic Psychotherapy- Institute for Inner Studies

Why Working with me is different

I'm not the therapist that's going to nod my head and say "mhmm". The folks I work with appreciate interactive feedback and implementable interventions. As an integrative trauma therapist but most importantly as a human, I believe that we all have the capability to heal. My professional training truly is guided by personal values, not the other way around. I believe that Black, Indigenous, People of Color, deserve quality services from people who look like them and incorporate ancient traditions. As a black queer therapist, I believe that LGBTQIA+ BIPOC folks also deserve quality care that is customized  to meet our unique needs but most importantly improve wellness. Many of the skills I incorporate in my work are rooted in traditional spiritual practices combined with trauma-informed and mind-body medicine related interventions. There's no one way to heal. While healing is journey with the right tools we can navigate life's twists and turns tenaciously together.

Glimpse of My Life Outside of Being a Trauma Therapist

I love reading, like, LOVE reading. You can always find me with my head in a new book! When I am not reading for leisure, I am busy being a student in a PhD Program for Mind-Body Medicine. In addition, I am a pescatarian and a major foodie. I love trying new vegetarian and pescatarian restaurants. When I am not reading or eating, I am meditating, enjoying time in nature, and spending time with my wife and family. I can't complete this section without mentioning drinking tea, ya girl loves tea!