A wall with the words "Use Your Voice" on it representing Christina's journey to finding her own voice and sharing that through Training, Consultation, and Presentation Services in Baltimore, MD.

My Journey to Trauma Consulting, Trauma Training, and Trauma-Informed Presenting

As a trauma therapist consulting, training, and presenting are important to professional and personal development. As a young social worker, if someone told me I would provide consultation, training, and presenting services I don’t know that I would believe them. So, how did I get here? It all started with frustration and curiosity.

My Work Is Influenced By My Values

As a social worker my work is influenced by my values, the lived experiences of clients, and organizational culture. As a young social worker, I learned early that the lives of clients are complex. I also learned that how mental health professionals meet client needs is influenced by the law, professional ethics, and workplace culture. In learning these things, I looked to attorneys, ethics codes, policies, and resources to find solutions.

It’s About More Than Simply Finding an Answer

For me, it’s never been about finding an answer it’s about finding the most ethical answer that upholds professional ethics, aligns with personal values, and meets client needs. While I was successful in finding answers, it required countless hours of searching, brainstorming, reading, and consulting to locate the answers. To be clear, finding these answers wasn’t always in sync with the needs of my employer because they take time and often encourage people to think differently. For me, my moral and ethical compass has always been my guiding light and I don’t shy away from doing what’s right even when it’s not popular.

Lady Justice Holding the Scales of Justice representing the ethical and moral compass used during Consulting Services, Training Services, and Presenting Services in Baltimore, MD.

A New Path Emerges

Following this light, I met my business partner. She’s an amazing attorney who I met by being myself. She was so impressed by the way I thought through complex issues using multiple professional perspectives and resources. This connection led to a years-long partnership and my becoming an associate trainer for the Danu Center for Strategic Advocacy. In other words, consulting, training, and presenting services found me. Through my never-ending curiosity and my commitment to solutions, a new path emerged. I decided to use my struggles to help others overcome their struggles.

Trauam Consulting, Trauma Training, and Trauma-Informed Presenting Style

At RISE, we train using frameworks that are decolonial and anti-oppressive that honor the law of self-recovery. We utilize these frameworks to promote authenticity, empowerment, and community togetherness for individuals, communities, and agencies. During training, we provide real-life scenarios, recent research, customized approaches, and applicable mind-body interventions. We believe in combining storytelling, research, theory, real-life scenarios, and implementable approaches. Our hope is that everyone completes our work together with enhanced understanding and approaches that can be implemented with immediacy.

Importance of a trauma therapist as a Consultant, Trainer, and Consultant

At RISE, we value authenticity, safety, research-driving, trauma-informed, and integrative approaches. We incorporate the science of the human body with the impact of trauma and the influence of culture and organization. We provide comprehensive training and consulting to the complexity of human experiences that is applicable across professions.

Christina, founder of RISE offers Consulting and Training Services in Baltimore, MD for individuals and businesses to improved their Trauma-Informed approach.


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Other Trauma Services at Revitalizing Inner Self Essence

As a Black queer therapist in Baltimore, MD, I provide trauma-informed therapy to Black and LGBTQ+ folks. I incorporate integrative skills during trauma therapy, including Mind-Body Medicine skills and EMDR therapy. I work extensively with survivors of homicide and domestic violence. Additionally, I also work with licensed master social workers to provide healing supervision.